Sardarni Gursharan Kaur seeing with great interest the Miniatures of the Miniatures Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts and Literature.

Bharati jee and Kuldip Nayyar with Ajeet Cour

Ajeet Cour at the Martyred Intellectuals memorial

Ajeet Cour Inaugurating the Conference in Thinchur with Mr. M.T. Vasudevan Nair

Ajeet Cour presenting her address in Thinchur

Ajeet Cour with Dr. Nihal Rodrigo and Mr. Girija Prasad Koirala

Sardarni Gursharan Kaur, Ajeet Cour and V.P. Singh in a friendly mood at the entrance of Academy of Fine Arts and Literature.

Mr. I.K. Gujral sharing a joke with Ajeet Cour on left : Sita jee.

Ajeet Cour greeting Sardarni Gursharan(wife of Prime Minister of India) Kaur with a Phulkari.

Arpana Caur with Mr. Manmohan Singh Mitwa and Dr. B.N. Goswami

Arpana Caur, Ms. Jaya Jaitley, Ajeet Cour and Mr. Jagmohan in the Arpana Fine Arts Gallery

Baul Sinnger perform in Chandigarh Folklore Festival

Beauty of Maldives 1

Dr. Abid Hussain

Dr. Suryakanthi Tripathi presenting her books to Excellency Mr. K.R. Narayanan

Satish Gujral inaugurating an exhibition in Arpana Fine Arts with Mr. V.P. Singh

The Governor of Haryana Excellency Mr. Jagannath Pahadia Lighting the Inaugural lamp