This Conference, with the over-arching theme : GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS AND ITS RELEVANCE IN SOUTH ASIA, was a major initiative and a profoundly intellectual event. Its significance emanated from its crucial relevance to the contemporary global scenario, highlighting and focusing concern for the common man in the content of socio-economic development.

The Delegates comprising of writers, diplomats, political analysts, sociologists, environment activists, mediapersons, academicians, scholars and researchers included : Mr. V. P. Singh,former Prime Minister of India and Chief Advisor of FOSWAL, Dr. Abid Hussain, eminent scholar and diplomat, H. E. Mr. Lyonpo Dago Tshering, Ambassador of Bhutan, H.E. Mr. C.R. Jayasinghe, High Commissioner of Bangladesh.

In the Library of the Academy of Fine Arts and Literature : H.E. Mr. Lyonpo Dago Tshering, Ambassador of Bhutan, with Ms. Ajeet Cour, Prof. K. Satchidanandan, Ms. Arpana Caur, Dr. Abid Hussain, Prof. Akhtarul Wasey

Shri. V.P. Singh lauding the initiative of FOSWAL and IBF for bringing the GNH Conference to South Asia

H.E. Lt. Gen. Mr. Anbaree Adam, High Commissioner of Maldives, Mr. Sudeep Bannerjee, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Human Resource Development and Vice Chancellor of National University of Educational Planning and Administration, Mr. Lalit Mansingh, former Foreign Secretary of India and eminent scholar, Prof. K. Satchidanandan, eminent poet and scholar, Mr. Rajiv Sikri, senior diplomat,Mr. Joginder Paul, eminent Urdu fiction writer, Prof. Lokesh Chandra, eminent scholar, Dr. Vijay K. Sharma, eminent — academician, Ms. Rajni Bakshi, eminent activist, Prof. I. N. Mukherji, eminent economist, Prof. Syed Shahid Mahdi, eminent scholar, former Vice Chancellor of Jamia University, Dr. Sudha Pillai, Member Planning — Commission, Prof. Kapil Kumar,eminent historian and academician, Prof. S.T. Hettige, eminent scholar and Prof, of Sociology, University of Colombo, Mr. Dinesh Mishra, eminent scholar, Mrs. Veena Sikri,eminent diplomat, Prof. Pushpesh Pant, eminent scholar from JNU, Mr. Phuntsho Rapten, eminent scholar from Bhutan, Dr. Renuka Singh, eminent author and scholar from JNU, Ambassador A. N. Ram,