NATIONAL CHAPTERS or CENTRES of our FOUNDATION OF SAARC WRITERS AND LITERATURE in the SAARC countries share our dreams and mobilise the work for cultural connectivity through writers’ interactions, literary gatherings, Festivals of SAARC Literature, colloquiums, seminars and conferences, for understanding each others’ aspirations and concerns, sensitivities and compassion, dreams and anguish portrayed in contemporary writings, for peace and cultural unity among the countries of the region, standing firmly and fearlessly for the dignity of the written word, for the inherent sensitive and compassionate soul of all culture, for the civilisational links which bind the region in the warmth of neighbourliness.

They are affiliated to our Foundation : a unique endeavour at Non-Government, People-to-People level, launched by writers and academics themselves, and by activists for peace and human rights, for the dignity of the neglected and the marginalised.