JHARNA RAHMAN (Bangladesh)
Jharna Rahman is a writer,poet and playwright. Besides, she writes for children. Her writing deals with the crises, difficulties, problems and potentials of our life and society. Among her publications are : Swarna Tarbari, Agnita, Krishnapakhsher Usha, Perek: all short story collections. A collection of her Poems Noshto Jotsna Nosto Roudro has also been published, and a play Briddha o Rajkumari. She is working as Assistant Professor of Bangla at Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad Rifles Public College. Also a regular singer on Bangladesh Betar and Bangladesh Television.


If you don’t come tomorrow, a strike I’ll call.
If you don’t meet me tomorrow
A ‘hartal’ is inevitable.

Everything will be stopped in the city
Monsoon rain will not pour its drizzling drops
Painting exhibitions at Dhanmondi will remain closed
with works of art hanging from some solitary ropes.

Academy of fine arts Museum and the Galleries
Enjoy some slumber keeping the faces
within their knees.

If you don’t appear tomorrow
All mobile phones will be disconnected.
If you don’t come, I’ll call a strike
And there will be no exemption even for
Sleeping and dreaming on a faithful bed.

– Translated by Faridur Rahman

Fragrance of Kisses

The moment we touch each others lips, Oh dear!
Captive words start vibrating, an orchestra is heard
Antonio and Cleopatra come out from pages of Shakespeare.
Sounding kisses desire to open their wings like a bird.

Branches of trees dance in wild wind of wonder
My ardent arms yearn to have you in a hold.
The occasion is solemnized with storms and thunder
From archeological ruins fragrance of kisses unfold.

– Translated by Faridur Rahman

A Melodious Evening

Translated by Niaz Zaman
Imagine an evening when
The soft light of despair
Envelops the sou