Abu Syed Golam Dastgir was born in Bangladesh on 1st January , 1942. He was commissioned in the PAF and taught the cadets and officers of Pakistan and some other countries. Retired in 1994 as a Group Captain from the Bangladesh Air Force.


India Bangladesh Festival of Books and Writers

Individuals come closer pulled by love and needs
Institutions want fruition to live germinating seeds,
Like in a lake waves expand in gradual circles
Men and mindsets think, a bright idea sparkles.

Independent University Bangladesh, a seat of learning
Central Public Library feedsfor knowledge journeying,
Opened arms to call Indo Bangla Cultural Initiative
Indian High Commission, Publishers Academic and Creative.

Culture is a process that evolves in time and space
Polish with education of life comes in speech. and dress,
Art, literature, music and dance give sophistication
Conduct and manners develop with religious consideration.

Meeting of wise, aesthete intellects of writers and poets
To speak, evaluate and interact on how to see life and facts,
Positive moments as pearls and flowers joining hands
Negative minutes removed visions of arid desert sands.

Indian culture in its scope has twenty-four languages
Divided Bengal’s dialects and standard Bengali manages,
To know luminaries, communicate, translate and taste
Across the borders, else’s novels, poems and stories best.

Women’s writings, research, publishing beyond borders
Diction, syntax, style in expression in proper orders,
Books have their own light to enlighten and illuminate
Let’s write with sense and wisdom and not just vitiate.

The whole festival with warmth of feeling and friendship
Meetings of lands, communities, cultures with sense deep,
Exchange of views between neighbors with understanding
Let’s- have in books and writers more love for bridge building.

Childhood Queries

O God ! How does the purple sun climb the horizon?
Why the silver moon floats above the clouds alone?
How the yellow silkworm wraps itself within a cocoon?
Again as a butterfly pierces through the wall quite soon!

All wonders in nature, colors in flowers, Your artistry
Trees many, fruits varied, birds lovely flying above free,
In she valley, on the plateau, drops of dew and rains
City stress, crowded bazaars show bustles in busy lanes!

Rivers , rivulets and streams dance and hug the sea
Distant stars and planets revolve and sing in glee,
Birds in the air and fishes in water glide and swim
Grasshoppers and small bees swing with a new dream!
Lots of blooms, bright sunflowers and sweet roses
Marigolds, gladiolus, carnations and jasmines in poses,
Redbreast robins , do