Abu Hasan Shahriar is an eminent Poet and Journalist of Bangladesh.


Bird Flood

I have framed the bird-scenes in Midnapore.apore.
Bird-rain pours at random,
Frantic wings take flight,
O bird-clouds, watch the bird-mail carry anonymous posts
To unremitting bird-earth,
Bird-fall on the tin sheds,
Feathers drown the courtyard,
There will be a There will be a bird-flood this year

At the end of the bird hour
I craved for you two bird-seconds
Does poetry still descend upon Midnapore
On a sunny afternoon?
Does a married woman still walk home
With the parting in her hair marked
By the sindur of Midnapore dust?

Civilization hunts with arrows, tools and technology,
Bird song’s suffering an exile,
The opium of melody on CD ROM,
Do bird crops grow in Midnapore?
Feathers drown the courtyard,
This will be a year of bird floods.

– Translated by Rubana