Rabiul Husain (1943- ) is an architect and art critic besides being a poet. He was associated with the Dadaist group that brought out a magazine called “Na.”

Rape and Remembrance

The health stone is on the ring of finger,
The cotton buttons are in the silvery shirt,
The jug of water is full of liquid glass,
The grave is born after the body stops and
Slides into the deep deep earth.

There is no one except Man
Who is so mournful and deaf, like a river.

The abstract art of clouds is in the sky,
The trees and the little deer are helpless
In the waterfall.
The dew turban of durba grass
Kindles the evening lamp.
In the early morning
The family of fishes
Lies in the deep pond, and
Cruel and dumb Nature stands
Outside the room, independent.

The proud semen and tenderness of Man
Are on the mountain top,
Their foreheads touch its snow white blanket,
Up and above, spreads a net of air
Or a ladder along the road of life
To reach the emptiness.

The world keeps everything recorded in –
Architecture, books, fossils
Only, it does not keep the signature, whatsoever,
Of rape and remembrance in the
Living bodies of women and rivers.