QUAZI ROSY (Bangladesh)

Quazi Rosy was born in 1949. She participated in the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971 by involving herself with the Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra (radio station of Independent Bangla). Later, she joined government service and retired as Editor in the Department of Films and Publications, Government of Bangladesh, in 2006. Her poems courageously depict the joys and sorrows of her country and its people. She has received several awards, including Bangladesh Lekhika Sangha Literary Award. Her books include: Path Ghat Manusher Nam and Nashta Joar.


Just as a mother’s breast is the best composition of children
Various parts of a woman’s body are the makings of her lover
The pure and delicate rose is the product of heart
The cruel merchandise of sins emanate from greed
The taste of husked boiled rice is the making of a peasant’s wife
The green field is a composition of the farmer
The future civilisation is woven by the weavers
My composition is only a human
A person called you –
A wonderful unique being like you.

A Tale of Gold-creeper and Love

Love is like the Gold-creeper
It gets support … embraces…
Like ghosts and spirits
Does not leave easily;
Spreads all around
Radiates a golden hue.

A Gold-creeper is like love
Takes support … holds close…
Like sorrow and pain
Does not go away easily;
Erects idol
Inserts roots in seclusion.

My story about you
Is just like that!
Translation: Helal Uddin Ahmed

Won’t Touch You

See River
Take away the craze of your breasts
I won’t touch you even when thirsty.

Not sunshine nor thirst neither the window
Only the moonlight m