NITUPURNA (Bangladesh)

Nitupurna was born in 1981 in Narayangonj city. She is a remarkable writer, journalist, and has been working with the Daily Jugantor for six years. Two of her books have been published: Ghuridour Anchaler Ahata Ishara, and Agun o Bodhir Anubhuti Take Koreche Chanchal. Nitupurna has made three short films: Ural, Chithi, and the documentary Ganahattyar Boyan.

Significance of an Epistle

Ah! a fresh mark has been embossed
Besides countless marks on my soul
Yet another mark would flicker
In the significance of an alphabet
Before being worn-out.

One more time in the woods
the bird lamented,
Women broke their red-fisted bangles
on the lotuses of a pond!

Ah! Still remains the humming of countless bees
In the damsel’s ears
The lad had many more praises to deliver
That made the blazing days of the girl
Dazzling night standing against the light

So many hopes ended in despair
The young man captured silence
The young woman embodied attraction
On the other hand the stone had only
the significance of an epistle

Fire and Lifeless Feelings have made her Nimble

I know how it feels to become an ocean
Why the oceanic body holds so much salt
In which speed the road’s twist
engulfs me

The deep-sea has become salty by slow-sweating
Fire and lifeless feelings have made her nimble