Umesh Chandra Varma, born in 1935, is an unconventional painter, philosopher, poet. He drifted from bio-sciences to Art and Art has kept him alive through his 74 years.He studied folk pottery as a Monhusho Research Scholar in Japan. Umesh Varma was awarded Lalit Kala Akademi Award, 2004. Life, he believes, is bigger than all else. He lives and paints and writes in Delhi.

Organic Shadow

I am an organic shadow
Of the dead banyon trunk

Cast by the sun in the morning
Attached to the tree
Born in the west devoid of any volume or mass
Only an area…..
An organic shadow

Destined I am
To remain attached to the
Banyon tree trunk
Moving on the ground
From west to east,
In my half elliptical orbit
Longing to meet the sun
And, failing
Must keep on moving
Gradually reducing
Almost vanishing
Enlarging again
Only to die in the evening

Everyday the morning comes
And I am brought back
The cycle goes on
Yes,…..I am….
No mass, nor volume
The organic shadow of the
Dead banyon tree.