Surjit Patar is the pride of Punjabi poetry today. He has specialised on Transformation of Folklore in Guru Nanak Vani. His poems have been published in several collections. He has scripted and presented several T.V. programmes on the history of Punjabi poetry and music, and has also won several awards and honours. He has represented India in many international literary Seminars and Conferences

Words Are Very Light

Words are very light
to pick and place .

Pick the word ‘ocean’
place it close to ‘laughing ‘
Make ‘laughing ocean .’

Pick the ‘tree’
place it close to ‘walking ‘
Make ‘walking tree ‘

How easy !
pick two words and unite.
Make green sun
crimson moon
flying lamps
singing stars.

Difficult is only to know
from where to pick
and where to place.

Difficult only is to know that
where to place so that
they remain placed
for centuries.

a light breeze of truth flows
the green sun
crimson moon
the singing stars all fall down
because the words are very light .

An Animal Tale

The train started
The seats in it
were occupied
some by wolves and some by lambs

The train crossed stations
rivers ,jungles ,fields ,mountains
hamlets ,towns ,cities ,heaths.