Painter and Poet.


The Third World War

There is a peculiar smell
In the air , here
A little like the smell
Spread in the offices back home.
Two world wars
Vietnam war
Gulf War
‘ Cold’ War
Kosova War
War is knotted in this smell.

All at war
Even education
This smell is the curse of having colonied the East
Or may be
Colonisation is a product of this smell.

Without an Enemy / Other
A Monica Lewinsky even
They become lifeless
They loose their very identity
Without being at war.

Today they are engaged in
The Third World War
Waging war on poverty
And underdevelopment in the Third World
Market, Modernity and Globalisation
Are the neo-colonising paradigms
This time.

Fever of the war of the day time
Peaks up in the nights
In the smell of intoxication and
Rock music of night clubs
Living in
Such an intoxicated smell
They are throwing the entire
Population of the Third World War into
Casino culture of the money markets.

Polarising the global upperclass and the global underclass
Dividing a wedge between the
Alienated rich minority of the Third World
And their poor subaltern majority
Trojan horse of the Western imperialism is subsuming
The entire culture, heritage and civilisation of the Third World.

Waged in the hegemonic ideology of development,
The Third World War is essential
Not only for perpetuation of their affluence
But for their very Self/ Identity
Their very civilisation
But it is so essential
For the self , and the civilisations of the
Third World?