Hindi, Punjabi and English Writer and Poet Double graduate in Economics, Diploma in Journalism, she began her career as an educationist Chairman of Bhartiya Gramin Mahila Sangh and President of Lekhika Sangh.Has to her credit more than 25 creative works, many of which have been translated into various languages.Her poetry book, “Two Black Cinders” has been translated into Arabic by famous Syrian poet, Suleman-ul-Issa. Recipient of various national and international awards in literature, especially poetry.


Lift the veil of mystery dear
reveal your rapturous form.
Soothe your mother-in-law’s yearning heart
dear daughter of my dreams!
Who says, you are not my daughter
my darling child,
Though not conceived in this Ma’s womb
nor nourished on these waiting breasts
you are the offspring of my dreams.
Cradled on my rocking breath
sculptured on my non-stop blessings
reared by my constant prayers-
a progeny of my dreams!
When both my sons greet and hug me
filling our home with laughter,
there’s still a void,
a sense of something missing,
the heart clamors for that more
a daughter’s touch
her giggling glee
and echoing plea
to fill the notes of joyous music
and soak with ecstasy
this long awaiting heart!