However Would You Pluck Flowers

But it left, went past……
while playing noughts and crosses with the vermilion
her last bus too had left.

the sun was going down
leaving darkness to the night
wherever would she stay, wherever could she go –
before tears start streaming down
she remembered him with a start

Somewhere at one end of a hill
he lights a fire
she had no way out but
to plead with a three – wheeler
the three – wheeler flew her there

There, in that rented house on the hill,
there is but one bed, and but that one room
after an intimate, hearty meal
both of them lay down
the pillow as witness in between
the pillow doesn’t come any less though
and kept on whispering
have you fallen asleep?
Hey, are you asleep?

Next morning …..
In front of the veranda ……….
the Dahlia were tossing in the wind
like small children
throwing their arms about
She pointed out the best bloom
and beseeched him…..
– please, please get that for me
– you couldn’t even cross the pillow at night
– however would you cross the fence now and
pluck flowers?

– Translated by Pradip Acharya