Ramakrishna Perugu is a Telugu poet whose poems in Telugu and English translation have been published and widely admired. Besides being a prolific poet, Perugu also writes on literary topics. He is presently working as Commercial Tax Officer, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. He has a number of awards to his credit.

Wishing for the burial of noise . . !

Delivered in the digital Dolby cradle
Amidst 7 KV enchanted sound waves
We are still toddlers now
The heart, Shiva’s drum, broken, oscillates the boiled body
Doesn’t break into fresh leaf
No small talk now as in a boat in the quiet sea
Boiling, man wanders like a headless torso
Silence disappeared as though by magic
Man is not able to escape the hubbub of din
Wishes to inter the killing noise
That is murdering environment openly in broad day light
He is forgetting calm and peace and the dance his feet imbibed
Noise becoming an ogre sits on the shoulders of the word
Now even the alphabet, having lost its silence, is agitating
I relive an ancient dream
Watching a world without fauna
I searched for a noise-free world
Nowhere within sight now
Since –
There is the dearth of a noiseless man
Even within man it’s only noise that rings and rumbles

– V.V.B. Rama Rao

What is Grandeur…?

Mother of older generations-
An octogenarian granny;

While preparing the pastry
Utter with our engineering-graduated
Hopeful damsel of twenty five-
“Now you celebrate
Birth day, marriage day
Valentine’s Day
Mother’s day, father’s day