Prof. Raamaa Chandramouli is a versatile writer of eminence. Mechanical engineer by profession, is now working as Vice-Principal and Professor at Ganapathy Engineering College, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh. He has won A.P. Sahitya Academy Award, Telugu University Puraskaram, and many other prizes.He has authored 8 volumes of poetry, scores of short stories and several novels. Presently, Vice-President of Indian Society of Authors, New Delhi

A Streak of Blood in the Stream

Stains of ink get sprinkled suddenly On the white wall
The gaze writhes like bare feet on the thorns
A bullet shoots into green thickness of the branches of a tree
Fluttering wings of innumerable birds explode
Diffusion spreads into desperation sans direction
A red red streak flows into the serene waters of stream
The entire forest smells musky as though it’s ablaze
There one hears a scream of an encounter in the
forest ‘1’he man gets stupefied
Like a slate of glass that is broken with a thud
Burning like an ablaze rag,
Pollution crawls briskly like a snake


Someone would term it a municipal dump
The odour of death
Wafting miles together knocking out the lives,
Reaches not the senses of any planets
Humans, cattle and birds get ablaze roasting like green leaves
Smile is silent, sorrow too!
Life that is dying prematurely too is silent
One’s feet gets crept into the depths of Hades of tears
Life is like a piece of paper in the whirlwind
Fell the trees you!
Drape the naked body of mother-earth by RCC hide
While the rain waters struggle to sink into the earth
The feet get crept into the manholes
Role out the cemeteries like red carpets
The factories are all snakes at sleep


The water being captive in sachets
The soil being a victim of landmines and chemical fertilizers