Paul Kaur is a well-known Punjabi poet who has been consistently writing about various manifestations of human nature and relationships. She has published several anthologies of poetry and criticism. Her latest anthology of poetry is : Barish Andare-Andar (Rain Within).The tone of Paul’s poetry is mellow, sensitive, and at times a little melancholy too. Paul Kaur has been widely published in many magazines, and has been honoured with several awards.

A River

A river flows
through my heart !
I am the earth
where the ocean spreads
and the desert too,
where the forest is
and the hills, the fields
the roads, the pathways….
but there is a path
that goes through my heart
over which flows
a river.

A rock obstructs the way,
sometimes ,an embankment,
the river gushes and rushes
breaking into several whirls,
several notes
several noises
as if the Atlas had shrugged
it makes my entire being tremble.

The river loves its journey
moving rhythmically
happily, playing
with the tiny whirls
it meanders on.
When it flows through the heart
my self gets immersed, spreads
in each tiny particle,
in each droplet.
An agonized cry rises from within
and reaches upto the skies.

But who’s there
that takes me on a pilgrimage
and who genuflects,
goes round the parikrma, bows ,
the river flow to
become the ganga, the yamuna,
at times the saraswati.