Pankaj Singh is an eminent Hindi Poet who writes with rare sensitivity, emotional depth, and a sense of social commitment, with three collections of poetry : Aahten Aas Paas, Jaise Pawan Paani, and Nahin. His poems have been translated into many Indian and foreign languages. Pankaj Singh is recipient of many awards.


From the autumn leaves will rise the grey, dark smoke
Then will the fire simmer slowly
Tearing the darkness,
Invisible since long, appear golden red flames
Signs of our being


Stopping me someone shows me things found
“Could these be yours?”

Erasure of identity
Time has carried away even the description of the loss
Inklings gently touching my shoulder would turn to the past
Warnings were no help, not even a wee bit

Nothing in control, with many a year gone by
Nothing at all neither home nor the nation
Nor Agony not pain

Slowly do the stitches rip off, the cloak wears off
In the decaying body, welcome invitations
Experiences transferred
As if swimming through battles
Gathering under waters amid a great war
Small remains of fire
Rolled in ashes

Much more apparent now than before,
Are its uses


To the Party’s night school
There goes a peasant woman
No one knows where exactly would her husband be
And what risks surround him

Knotted and released within,
In battles and in jungles,
She practices writing some al