Prolific young writer, her books include : Prastar Kanya, Sandhya, Arundhati, Monikuntalar Kabita, Mukti, Bordowani, Chamiyana, Dastakhat, and a number of others. A powerful, creative voice today, widely respected.

The Women

The sun shone in the middle of the sky
Besides the broken road, in the ephemeral heart
The Tar is melting

The road roller runs noisily
Whose gigantic wheels are being watered by
One-two dark complexioned women

Just then
Being oblivious to the sun
A refreshing wind blew past

Looking this way, that way
It asked the two women in a hushed voice
Shall I blow?
Shall I blow the flag of revolt with your aanchal?

The two women struggled to drag the aanchal over their heads

If along with the man who drove the road roller ,
All the labourers would have been women!

One looked at the other
What would have happened?

They would have thrown their aanchals towards the sky
All in unision

Aah! The roller of time went on gruntingly
Not understanding anything