Nepali Poet, Short Story Writer and Translator. He is the Editor of Chetna, little magazine; Anupam, little digest; Founder-President, Mungpoo Sahitya Parishad; Mem., Adv. Board for Nepali, Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, 1988-92; Mem. Nepali Sahitya Sammelan, Darjeeling.

Born: April 4, 1948 in Darjeeling, West Bengal.


Nishabda (poetry) Mero Angaloko Rat (short story) Hangover (short story) Kazi Nazrul Islam (monograph) Nepali Kavita Yatra (edd.) Agamsingh Giri Rachana Sanchay

Shreshtra Award for Poetry, 1990 Diyalo Award for poetry, 1990 Sahitya Akademi Award for his collection of poems Nihsabda in 1996.

I Always See You

In any farmer whom I see
Drenched in sweat
I see his exhausted face,
in the fields where his perseverance blooms
I see your happiness
I see your joy.

When I hear any village maiden
in some dark forest,
I hear the free flowing melody
Of youth
In her pristine songs
I hear you
I search for you.

The lofty pine-trees upright
in the solitariness of the mountains
I see a visionary
I see a poet,
in his poetry
I see you flow on
line by line;
I see you blossom
on rhododendrons,
dozing like an orchid
it is you I see.

I see the scorching sun
and outstretched fields
of the plains;
I see the horizons
I see the skies,
In the expanse of both horizons and sky
I see you filled out
I see you rise in the spires of the temple,
I hear you in the tolling of the church-bells
in the detached eyes of the Buddha
I see you drowned.
In things that have been
In things that will be
It is you I see;
In dream-in reality

I see you,
My country!
It is you I always see
I always see you.

Translated from Nepali by Eva Sashankar



You are living far away
I’ve been speechless for a long time.

When you were with me
We always did share
in words and speeches
our love and our small quarrels,
At times wounded by
the piercing words of each other
We sat in silence for a long time,
Bound by promises,
We looked into the horizon
of peaceful possibilities
the dreams too were pleasant,
We sat at times lost in each other
in the beautiful land of togetherness
We travelled together in the lonely paths,
Today you are living far away
I am here speechless.

Speechless does not mean silence
But speechless means
in the corridor of heart
the flashes of your memories.
Speechless means
in the mirror of heart
the reflection of many faces.

Speechless means
in the cave of heart
the vibrations of your voice
the pleasant din
of our past.
Speechless means
in the mountain of our desire
the sound of Echo
abandoned by Narcissus
in the quest of love
echoing forever.

Speechless means
not to stop at the place for good.
It means
the boundless journey
taken alone.
And the lonely flight
in the blue sky.
It is a lonely dip
into the depth of the sea.
It is the vastness
of the horizon sprawling alone
And the sweet touch of the poem
felt alone.

Yes, you are a living far away
I’ve been speechless here for a long time.

Translated from Nepali by M.M. Gurung