Manjunatha is an eminent young Kannada poet and short story writer. He was born in 1976. He is a versatile author who has written in different genres. His poetry collections are : Father 55, Ninasam Dairy a Kavithegalu, Level Crossing, and Venkatala Co. Limited. He has written a play Kanasinamane and a collection of short stories Brandy. Manjunatha has also published his Autobiography. Has participated in several Conferences and Seminars.

Level Crossing

If walked through the narrow lane next to diesel factory,
The indika tree appears like the trimmed head of a Man, frightens.

There sits the security guard
Leaning to the tree or else will be dozing off.

The old relatives though enquire about his well being,
Turn around after a stretch of walk.

When in the evening as the train disappears,
He wouldn’t tether him there itself, receives the guest hood
With her who calls on him; milks and UN tethers the cow.

Talks for long time leaned on to the casuarina pole of the hall,
She ask for payment to be made for the house tax,
And may be fencing to be done for the pig yard.

Howling of the dogs is heard, he stands up saying,
‘It’s all right’,
As stepping in to the lane, the women urinating there
Fills him in their eyes.

Charcoal Selling Women

These are my maternal relatives
Great impoverished ones, capable of
Spewing charcoal like night.

I had seen them quite a time,
Sleeping with gambling men
Behind shrubs of plains,
Craving for toddy.

Golden apples used to
Quench their greedy hunger.

The charcoal they collected,
Roaming through villages,