Mamta Agarwal is a free-lance editor and writer. A collection of her poems has been published as ‘Rhythm of Life’. She has won many awards and honours. She has also compiled a book of ‘Quotations’. Mamta is Co-ordinating Member of Haiku Society of India.

A question that begged for Answers…

Is it worth bringing a child into the world, mother?
Terror has taken over our lives, lamented my daughter…
Her question haunted me, and I pondered a while.
Life is so precious, yet so ephemeral and fragile.

Are you going to just watch and give in to despair?
Or face with hope, courage, grit and prayer.
All is not lost; though we still in darkness grope,
Didn’t you see the euphoria over the coronation of hope?

As history is rewritten in the U.S elections,
The world watches with disbelief and fascination.
People of all faiths have joined the celebrations
So dear, don’t fret and take part in the jubilations.

World is willing to look beyond narrow concerns,
Lessons from history are slowly being learned.
One’s who had been for long marginalised,
Will not endure disdain, is finally realised.

You can’t deny, road is paved with trials and strife…
The truth in all honesty my dear, that’s called life…
Let’s start with ourselves and be the change we want,
And not just ruminate and wait for a magic wand.

To heal ourselves and all those out there,
Charity begins at home but does not end there.
So don’t deny yourself joys of motherhood,
Give her time, love, and values from early childhood.

Teach her we are all equal in the eyes of God,
Despite colour and creed, seeds of the same pod.
Give her roots, wings and dare to have her own dreams,
See how she blossoms like a lotus with self esteem…

Destiny of man is in the hands of coming generations.