Kailash Vajpeyi is an eminent Hindi poet and scholar. He has authored several collections of poems, besides many works of literary criticism, cultural issues, mysticism, and also a verse play. He is proficient in Spanish, and has translated works from Spanish into Hindi and vice versa.He is associated with the print and visual media as a columnist, a broadcaster and also as a documentary film-maker.



After my death, perhaps ,
(if History hasn’t turned to ash),
Someone will reiterate the time in India
When one had to degenerate
To gain something for oneself,
From bread to fame
Each road was stepped in slime.
Between birth and death
There was a whore everywhere
Each officer, every worker,
The grand legislator,
Directors and stars,
Editors and travel agents,
Yogis who assuage the mind,
And affected benefactors,
Thrived on the mercy of this whore.
The work of the intellectuals
was to cheer and applaud:
India was so immoral then!
Karl Marx

Ulcers in the stomach,
Pain in the eyes,
A lifetime of emptiness.
Embracing trenches,
Fighting ignorance,
Healing wounds in distant lands,
Keeping awake,
Working relentlessly,
Enduring suffering,
Holding a magnifying glass,
Telling the universe
There is a chance for peace.
No slavery
Under a clear blue sky,
Humanity singing the freedom song.

Darkness illuminated,
Classes undistinguished,
Looking beyond the infinite,
Raising a lighted monument,
From the dust of history.

Equations redefined
Bread for the impoverished,
A direction for life.

But Marx
You couldn’t have a country
Where even the gods
Are narrowed in class structures.
A slave Hanuman here,
And an emperor Rama there.