Javed Akhtar was born in 17 January 1945. Is an eminent Urdu poet, lyricist and scriptwriter from India. Some of his most successful work was done in the late 1970s and 1980s with Salim Khan as half of the script-writing duo credited as Salim-Javed. Akhtar continues to be prominent in Bollywood and is a sought-after lyricist.



Journey of a Pawn

When he was still quite young
He learnt that if you want to stay alive
You have to be as cunning as you can.
The board extends as far as the eye can see,
And he is just an ordinary Pawn.
He has to go from square to square, with utmost
The game he played was never easy;
Far and wide, in all directions were deployed
Bloodthirsty in the extreme,
Hard, merciless,
And very cunning,
Taking in their control
The entire board;
Intent only upon checkmating him.
Whenever he moved
He encountered
Each new square concealing a new ambush.
But he survived,
He progressed,
One house,
Another house,
A third house.
Sometimes he drew near to others,
Sometimes he moved far away.
But he survived,
He progressed.
Although he was a humble pawn, he won.
And so, one day, he became a great pawn,
Now he is safe within one square;
So safe that let alone his enemies
Not even his friends can approach him.In one hand he clasps victory.

In the other he clutches loneliness