J. Bhagyalakshmi is a writer of long standing, having published short stories, poems, articles, interviews, middles and literary criticism in leading magazines newspapers. She has made a mark as a bilingual writer, writing in Telugu and English, and she has over 45 publications to her credit, including five short story collections and eight poetry collections. Presently, Dr. Bhagyalakshmi is a freelance journalist and writer and writes columns for some leading magazines and newspapers. She has been recipient of many awards.




Love is like prayer
It is pure meditation
It purges you from within
Cleanses the whole being.
Tears that well in your eyes
A tug you feel at the heart
Dreams and visions
That pass before your mental eye
Of which you are a silent witness,
All are charms of love.
You watch all these under a spell
That works like magic
Making no demands
No strain,no stress
Everything is tranquil
Like a lake witnessing moonlight
The whole universe is in meditation
Now again you fill your heart with love
That is how you pray
And that is how you meditate.